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About Our Toronto Dairy Distribution Company

Trust a Dedicated Family-Owned Supplier for Dairy, Ice Cream, and Egg Delivery in Toronto

Businesses need dedicated partners in order to succeed, especially when they are in the competitive food business. You need a reliable supplier to fill your shelves and please your customers. Mr. Dairy and Food Distributing Ltd. provides the Greater Toronto Area with popular dairy products. Our family-owned business has a long history of helping our buyers obtain popular inventory fresh and on time.

Our History

Mr. Dairy and Food Distributing Ltd. has supplied individuals and businesses with dairy products for over 50 years. From our humble beginnings of milk delivery, we've now expanded to provide egg, ice cream, and cheese delivery in Toronto. Our founder, Arpad Szabo, Sr., started in the early 1960s with a home delivery route in Rosedale. Over time, he expanded the business to over 25 dairy delivery trucks running across all of Toronto and beyond.

Our Family

In the 1990s, Arpad Sr.'s son-in-law Mark Geertsema and son Arpad Szabo, Jr. joined the business. They helped Arpad Sr. create Mr. Dairy and Food Distributing Ltd. in 1995. Later, Arpad Sr's daughter Margie Kneeshaw joined the company. Together, the family would guide the business into the 21st century.

Our Company Today

Mr. Dairy and Food Distributing Ltd. delivers cold dairy products from Barrie to Niagara to Oshawa. Mr. Dairy carries over 1200 products that include our primary dairy items like milk and eggs as well as lines of assorted waters, beverages, peeled tomatoes, oils and tuna. Through hard work, we supply nearly 1500 clients with the products they need.

Trust the stability and dedication of Mr. Dairy and Food Distributing Ltd. Celebrating our 25th anniversary this year. Call 866-491-2423 to set up an order today.

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Our Products

We carry an extensive range of dairy, cheese and miscellaneous products.

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Contact Us

We’ll work with you to customize a product list that suits your unique needs.

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