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Our Company

We have served clients in the Greater Toronto Area since the early 1960s.

Greater Toronto’s Dairy Distribution Resource

In 1995, we created Mr. Dairy and Food Distributing Ltd. to bring the personal touch of home milk delivery to commercial clients. Our team provides milk distribution to Toronto stores, restaurants, cafeterias, hotels, schools, and other institutions. Our clientele have become as varied as our product list. So if you need dairy or other miscellaneous food products for your hungry guests, contact Mr. Dairy and see how we can help your organization.

Baking This Winter? Stock Up on Key Ingredients Today

Warm up on snowy days with delightful comfort foods and cozy beverages. If you are preparing for the winter baking, it’s time to stock up on butter, cream and eggs. Also, discover a full line of organic milk products that many coffee shops, baristas, restaurants, cafeterias and hotels are using in their preparation of specialty coffees.

Variety of Fresh, Delicious Products

We store over 1,200 products in our 20,000-square-foot warehouse. We carry milk, yogurt, cheese, ice cream, beverages, and other necessities from well-known brands like Sealtest and Natrel®. Browse through our selection to learn more.

With a low minimum order per delivery, our staff works with you to customize a product list that suits your unique needs.

Transport from Our Warehouse to Your Customers

At Mr. Dairy, we deliver products from Barrie to Toronto; west to Niagara and east to Oshawa, using our own fleet of refrigerated trucks. We monitor the temperature of our products, supplying fresh milk, yogurt, cheese, eggs, and many other beverages and products. Your dairy products come directly off our trucks and into your refrigerators.

We understand the time commitment that comes with any business, so we offer flexible delivery times that work with your schedule. If you prefer, you can pick up your products at our Toronto warehouse.

Our service areas and distribution network includes:











Niagara Falls

North York




Richmond Hill


St. Catharines



One Toronto Core West

One Toronto Core NE

One Toronto Core Ctr

One Toronto Core SE

Surrounding Areas

Start Your Delivery Service Today

With Mr. Dairy, you and your organization will enjoy efficient service, competitive pricing, and quality products. Contact us today at 416-741-6455 or set up an account for milk and ice cream delivery in Toronto.

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Our Products

We carry an extensive range of dairy, cheese and miscellaneous products.

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Contact Us

We’ll work with you to customize a product list that suits your unique needs.

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